Introducing the FTH Family Code

Summary: Food to live, food to grow, food to heal. Delicious, healthy, delivered to your desk meals. Find out how to make your lunches work for you.


Here at Food to Heal, we are a multicultural family dedicated to improving your mind and body through food science. Every member of our family has a unique talent with the global experience to match. We view food through a multicolored lens--and provide lunches that consider a person’s complete wellness. Our prices are more than reasonable and come with the added convenience of delivery and the benefit of having your meal prepared for you. We believe lunch can and should be delicious, healthy, and easy. Food science isn’t finished changing the way we live.

Food Science

How does this work and how is this relevant? Food science is built on established scientific disciplines like engineering, chemistry, physics, and biology. Each has a role to play in the food science field and integrates key concepts to support the science of food scientists. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) brings over 17,000 scientists from all over the globe, with the specialized skills to match. Dr. Harvey Wiley, one of the most influential people to prevent food contamination, is a major contributor to our perception of food and is responsible for introducing scientific background in food analysis. When making your meals, we consider Pfeiffer’s Law, which states that for every drug that benefits a patient there are natural substances that can achieve the same effect. Thus, our meals are a natural addition to your wellness plan. Our company sautés this law into every meal we make, designed to be consumed by all.  

The biggest problem…

… we have with food today, comes from our ever expanding cities and is compounded by the subsequent increasing distance from farms to our tables. This distance creates a higher demand for fresh organic food and results in skyrocketing food prices. Here at FTH we solve this problem with our innovative way of approaching meals. Our main goal is to design meals that energize the brain. How do we accomplish this task? Every now and again, we measure client’s brain waves using a neurotracker. The data from the scans and surveys we collect not only increases our accuracy when identifying everything you need, but also makes it taste better. In our view, science is delicious!

Our CEO,

Nika Chandramohan, is an accomplished food scientist, who has revolutionized the way we see our food. She painstakingly identified and coordinated food groups to fulfill your daily dietary and psychological needs. We serve everyone--all dietary restrictions and allergies accounted for--as well as combat common nutrient deficiencies and personal vices. FTH uses only green technology and food science to achieve our goals. This allows us to literally create mind altering meals, engineered to combat symptoms of stress and other psychological imbalances that plague the modern mind and body. Our meals have a cumulative effect so that you feel even better with each meal! You can and will feel better through one simple change—your lunch.

Food To Heal

Our company approaches lunch differently: Our meals leave you vibrant, satisfied for hours, and produce a marked increase in executive functions, such as focus, memory retention, and increased energy levels. We all want to eat healthier but there are always some issues that hinder us. Time is our biggest stressor in the modern world, and even with the convenience of new technology, we tend to dismiss the constant toll that this takes on our mind.  With increased stress, and limited time, prepping for lunch can seem like a daunting inconvenience. Another factor preventing us from eating well is cost of quality produce and effort needed. A healthy organic lunch can cost quite a bit, especially if you eat one every day. This tends to limit the consistency and frequency of healthy eating.

Most corporate catering companies only focus on taste and convenience. Our wellness plan includes a choice of meals--conveniently delivered daily--that meets the needs of both your mind and body. The meal may be scientifically designed, but don’t worry, the taste is just as refined and definitely better as a result. If this peaks your interest, give us a shout via email. We’re always interested in making a new friend (!

FTH approaches nutrition head-on, by taking the time to incorporate decadent and refreshing food into conveniently delivered healthy meals. Our meals will help you meet your wellness goals, without any additional effort on your part. We will take corporate world by storm for the taste alone. Eat better today--why wait?

For more information on our family, sign up for the FTH Family Code including sections on Wellness Culture and FTH Science.