F T H: Open Door Policy

Summary: At FTH we help you choose a healthy, happy life, from our delicious meals to simplifying your lifestyle, made to fulfill your every need.

Choose a healthy happy life

How often have the words “I have no time” escaped your lips? This is the most common reason for unhealthy behaviors, and unfortunately, this sacrifices quality and nutritional value. “Too busy” is another common reason preventing us from leading a stress-free life. We at FTH, feel this is two reasons too many! Most recent scientific research is starting to factor all aspects of nutrition into food. Our own research considers all factors in your life, mind, and body. For example, the active role that our nourishment and stress levels play in our energy, mood, focus, thought process, mental/physical health, and how it affects the decisions/productiveness throughout our day, all need to be taken into consideration. Healthy food and mental serenity should be at top of people’s priority list. However, life and its responsibilities can get in the way, and we at FTH understand that. As our clients and team members are a part of our family, we take a lot of pride in your overall health and happiness. This priority means our work doesn’t stop at delivering meals, we consider everything, even vices.

Food To Heal Open Door Policy

Our doors are always open to help you simplify your life so you can make better decisions regarding your healthy food intake and wellness goals. We are an open gateway where you can find different options to solving everyday chore. Get your precious time back and have a much bigger opportunity to put your mental and physical health first!

How does this work? Let’s give you an example. Let’s say that you are a single parent with a full time job. Being a parent is a 24/7 job already, add to that a 9 to 5 work schedule and doing it all by yourself can be overwhelming right? Anybody in that situation will feel that taking time to properly sitting down, relaxing and enjoy a wholesome lunch is almost impossible. Most of us will take a quick bite of a fast food meal and continue with our day. A constant rush, leads to bad nutrition and high cortisol levels (also known as “the stress hormone”). Nevertheless, the impact that this decision can make on our health, weight, hormones, temper and general efficiency is huge.

When we sit down and enjoy delicious, healthy food, some important things happen. First, you’ll begin to eat slowly, which translates into enjoying flavors, proper chewing and reducing calorie consumption. Next, our digestion adjusts to a more fluid and natural way, our bodies begin to process nutrients better, and as a nice bonus, more energy to continue our day. You’ll start feeling more productive at work, you’ll think of solutions and ideas more easily, your mood will improve and you will find yourself enjoying better relationships with your coworkers, family and friends.

FTH Team Members

If you are a member of the FTH team and you find yourself in a complicated situation that requires a bit more time free to handle things? Let’s say you are one of our chefs and it happens that your car needs immediate attention from your mechanic. With a simple work rescheduling, or even the possibility of a pay advance, headaches can be quickly avoided.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? How can FTH help you achieve this?

It’s easy. With the Open Door Policy our doors are always open for our clients and team members. You can confide in us with your problems and suggestions, we’ll take every single concern into utmost consideration; we encourage you to reach out to us and find the perfect solution for complete wellness. You can trust us with any chore, we even send you home with a meal! Why do we do all this? We want to make sure you find, not only your healthy and delicious meal provider, but the family you can always count on.